About Cookies

Cookies are small files with a little data placed on your computer or device to uniquely identify it without saving personally identifiable information. Cookies are divided into two types: session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are those that removed from your system when you completely close your web browser, at the end of the session, while persistent cookies remain on your device until expired or manually deleted, though clearing a cache does this as well.
We may use Flash local shared objects to store Flash content and preference on your computer in a way similar to that of browser cookies, which is why they are regularly called Flash cookies. Flash cookies are not necessarily handled the same way as HTML cookies, but they can be refused or deleted.
Cookies can be used to enable website functionality like shopping carts and personalized options, and cookies can be used to analyze website usage or target advertising.
You have the right to refuse to accept cookies or block cookies from our website, but this may affect the functionality of our website. You have the right to delete cookies from our site off your computer or device after a session as well.
Third party cookies created by other parties may be generated when you use tools from other parties accessed through our site such as Google Maps, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and social media sites accessed through sharing options. We do not have control over cookies from these sites but you have the option to refuse or delete them.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are single pixel or clear GIF images placed on web pages. These objects recognize information from your computer such as cookies, the date and time the page is viewed and the page where the beacon was placed. These web beacons give the website administrator information about visitors’ habits on the website such as which content they find the most interesting.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information to manage our relationship with you, such as information provided as the course of requesting or ordering our services.
We use information from cookies and user behavior to prevent and detect security threats, fraud and other types of malicious activity.
We use non-identifying information collected from users such as type of device, operating system and browser used to better maintain our website for maximum functionality.
We use your information to improve the performance and operation of our website.
We do not sell, rent or lease your information. We may provide information in aggregate without any personally identifying information to system administrators and advertisers, such as the total number of unique visitors to the website or number of visitors per time of day.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy at any time. Please refer to this privacy policy periodically to see if it has changed, since we do not inform visitors of changes to it. Continued use of this site shall be construed as acceptance of this privacy policy.