Our company is all inclusive digital marketing firm for Australian clients. What can we do for you, and how do our services benefit your company?

Digital Marketing

Australian SEO Company

Digital marketing is the term for marketing your site, your business and your content through all non-traditional channels. Traditional channels refer to magazines, newspapers, radio and television. You can still use these channels, but digital marketing has the potential to reach far more customers at a much lower price per customer. Digital marketing involves creating a smoothly functioning website, social media, search engine optimization, content creation and positioning and utilizing channels like Youtube and Twitter. Digital market strategies can improve your company's public relations, build your company brand and promote your particular product or service simultaneously. Coordinated campaigns across multiple platforms are essentially multi-purpose, so that every press release improves your company's back-linking, every social media share of your content improves your SEO rankings and every how to video on Youtube referring to your product leads people to visit your site and buy your product. We can recommend subtle changes with significant results like adding the link to your company website to the company email signature line and all press releases or following up on customer comments online in a timely manner with references to the proper company website resources like user manuals.

Mobile Marketing

Australian SEO Company

Mobile marketing refers to marketing to mobile devices like smart phones. Mobile marketing at a minimum requires having a mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and error-free on mobile devices. More advanced mobile marketing involves designing a website that adjusts menu options and button sizes to suit a smaller screen and putting critical information like address and maps top and center. The ideal mobile marketing effort takes location information beyond X services in Sydney to pizza in Surry Hills  childcare in Potts Point or Newtown plumbers. For services and goods often selected on the spot like searching for a restaurant when you’re hungry, even more specific location information like major cross streets and landmarks needs to be factored into your location SEO. If you don’t know which local queries are bringing customers to your site or that your potential customers are using, we offer web analytics services, as well. We can aid you in optimizing your website, your social media presence and information in various business directories to ensure that your site comes up in reference to local searches as well as broader searches on the internet. Dallas SEO firm eBizUniverse offers a FREE SEO Tool, that can help you with rankings.

Internet Marketing


Internet marketing refers to promoting your products on the internet. It begins with search engine optimization of key terms on the website relative to user’s search terms. The artificial intelligence behind search engines increasingly rely on latent search terms to determine how your site or content is similar to the intent it assumes searchers have. You can improve your positioning by including entire phrases people are searching for to which your content provides the answer. Internet marketing also includes off page SEO such as social media marketing, link building through references to your site on other sites with high authority, back linking. We can determine your domain authority and recommend ways to improve it. We are able to identify old SEO strategies like link exchanges or link spamming that you need to clean up in order to improve your site's rankings today. And we can identify people promoting your brand that you should partner with to build your presence and SERP rankings for minimal effort. This is where digital marketing is key – ensuring that your off page SEO is coordinated with your on page SEO to multiply the value of each and never conflict with each other.

Web Design



Web design is becoming more important when it comes to your search engine rankings. The most obvious issue is that a website that takes too long to load is abandoned quickly, counting as a vote against your site's SEO for that query. Web sites must load quickly in order to not get penalized by Google. Details such as the ability of spiders to crawl the website and determine the proper snippet to present to searchers, useful descriptions of your site that engage viewers and lead to visitors and short URLs that don't get penalized by search engines are also important. There are many things you can do to improve your website's rankings as well. Creating separate subpages for each product and then applying SEO to those instead of trying to have one master website attempting to be a jack of all trades is one method. Upgrading your website to run without errors and be universally accessible by upgrading it to HTML5 and CSS is another. Setting up a separate "mobile" website is not the right strategy to reach mobile users. First, this doubles the work for your system administrator and digital marketing team. Second, the mobile website's traffic doesn't count toward that of the main company website, instead of a universally designed website where all visits from every device builds the site's authority. Third, the redirects used by many mobile websites cause many potential visitors to avoid your site because the redirect is mistaken as a potential hijacking of the device. We have programmers on our team to streamline your website so that it runs smoothly, quickly and error free on all devices.

Data Analysis


Do you know who your visitors are? Do you know where they are coming from, which pages they are visiting and how long they are staying? If you don't, our team has the tools and expertise to perform this data analysis. Even those who have aggregate data about the number of unique visitors and sales per month can benefit from data analysis. What are the browsing habits of your visitors? What are they most interested in, which may be where you want to relocate your ads? What sites are generating significant organic traffic that you can enhance further? Which long tail searches are bringing visitors or customers that you could better capitalize on? Don't forget the opportunity to test different channels. We can set up multiple landing pages to determine which key search terms or advertising strategies lead to higher conversion rates. Or let us study the habits of repeat customers and tailor your site to generate even more revenue per repeat visitor at relatively low cost.